New Standards

in Convenience, Turnaround Time and Liquidity

Defining New Standards in Convenience, Turnaround Time and Liquidity

With processing centers across Europe and the US, NTR Metals provides over 30,000 companies with local access to true refiner returns.

NTR Metals has rapidly become one of the largest precious metals companies in the world, serving the refining needs of jewelers, pawnbrokers, and other members of the precious metals industry. Our ability to provide commercial clients with faster turnaround times and convenient access to local processing centers has given new meaning to the term, liquidity.

Customer-specified lock ins to avoid market volatility

NTR Metals commercial customers have the option to call our hedging desk during trading hours (8:30am CST – 6:00pm CST) to lock in the then-current precious metal spot price before shipping or bringing their metal to one of our processing locations. This service gives our customers the opportunity to hedge against sudden market fluctuations. Learn more.

NTR Metals is more than just a precious metals refiner

NTR Metals is a fully-integrated precious metals company that acquires, refines and mints precious metal bullion products for commercial clients. By integrating a broad spectrum of precious metals products and services, we create operating efficiencies that benefit our scrap and precious metal bullion customers. Learn more.

Convenient access with over 75 locations worldwide

NTR Metals operates over 75 locations worldwide. These centers provide convenient drop-off access and typical turnaround times of one hour. For customers who are not close to one of our branch locations or simply prefer the ease of shipping, we offer the ability to lock in a spot price prior to shipment, with same-day settlement upon receipt. Learn more.