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NTR Metals, a global precious metals company, offers commercial precious metals refining and bullion trading. NTR Metals processing centers are able to receive precious metal lots for refining and provide clients with assay and payment services on-site.
Below is a list of materials that can be processed through each of our refining locations:

  • Gold- Karated scrap jewelry in any form, filings, grindings, dental gold and alloys, casting trees, casting grain, fine gold grain, gold ingots, and gold bullion and coins.
  • Silver-Sterling silver jewelry in any form, scrap silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware and hollowware, electrolytic recovered silver, filings, grindings, dental silver and alloys, silver casting trees, silver casting grain ,fine silver grain, silver ingots, and silver bullion and coins.
  • Platinum- platinum jewelry any form , bench filings, grindings, platinum thermocouple wire, crucibles, catheters, medical platinum, platinum laboratory ware, platinum flake, platinum foil, platinum casting trees, and platinum bullion and coins.
  • Palladium-Palladium jewelry in any form, bench filings, grindings, palladium casting trees, casting grain, fine grain, palladium bullion, palladium dental scrap, and palladium bullion and coins.

Refining customers have the ability to receive precious metal bullion as part or all of their refining settlement. We offer all major gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins and privately minted products.

For a more complete description of our commercial refining services please visit the Commercial Refining section.

Additional commercial refining services provided through NTR Dallas Headquarters:

  • Stone-removal services for diamonds and other gemstones from all jewelry*
  • Refining of floor sweeps, bench sweeps, polishings, filters and sink collections
* Check with your NTR location to see if on-site stone removal services available.

How to refine with NTR Metals

NTR Metals gives you two convenient refining alternatives: simply visit one of our branch locations or ship directly to our Dallas headquarters.

Drop-off refining:

  • With walk-in service, you can drop your refining lot and have payment for karat scrap in less than one hour
  • Find a location near you
  • Optional: To lock in a specific spot price prior to drop-off, call our pricing desk at 1-800-889-0396
  • Locations are open to service your refining needs 9:00-5:00 (Monday-Friday)

Shipping refining:

  • Download and fill out the NTR Metals business application
  • Fax your application to NTR Metals’ US or UK office
  • Upon approval, download and complete our Packing Form found at: Packing Form
  • Optional: To lock in a specific spot price prior to drop-off, call our pricing desk at 1-800-889-0396
  • Ship your refining lot (FedEx insured is recommended) to:
    NTR Metals
    10720 Composite Dr.
    Dallas, TX 75220

Settlement options

NTR Metals provides flexible price and payment methods:

Spot price for refined metals

  • Call up to three days in advance to lock in your price
  • Price metal at the closing price on the day of settlement
  • Price metal at the time of refining for walk-ins
  • Credit metal to consignment (pool account), which allows you to price it at a future spot price
  • Price metal on the second London fix on the day following the settlement

Payment methods

  • Trade for any of our “bullion products” with NTR Bullion Group
  • On site Bullion Exchange Program of NTR Minted Bullion product (Exchange only)
  • Receive a Bank of America check, wire transfer, or ACH directly into your account
  • Have funds credited to your Roseco account. This provides an automatic 7% discount on future Roseco purchases