Providing Liquidity

to the Precious Metals Bullion Industry

NTR Metals is a market-maker for precious metals, providing the requisite personnel, resources, capital, and product for all levels of bullion investing.

With a bullion trading desk in the United States, NTR Metals helps its clients stay at the forefront of the precious metals market.

Providing liquidity to the wholesale precious metals market

Our clients rely on us for one critical business function: liquidity. We help our clients efficiently transform bullion into currency, or currency into bullion. NTR Metals specializes in addressing the precious metals bullion needs of the financial, jewelry and coin industries. And since our bullion trading desk is strictly wholesale, we do not compete with our customers in the retail market. Learn more

Making a market for all major precious metals segments

As a market maker, NTR Metals provides the capital, inventory, technology, and knowledge necessary to keep our customers at the forefront of the precious metals industry. We make a market in all major gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion, as well as US and foreign gold. Please visit our Bullion Encyclopedia to learn more about bullion traded by NTR Metals. Learn more

At the forefront of the precious metals market

Our bullion trading desk continually monitors market conditions to detect even slight changes in supply and demand. This economic insight allows us to provide our clients with current market information. NTR Metals Market Maker™, our proprietary trading system, provides our bullion traders with the information they need to ensure timely and accurate execution of all transactions. Collectively, our knowledge, technology and experience help our customers minimize risk and maximize profits when trading precious metals bullion. Please contact our bullion trading desk to learn more about our services. Learn more

NTR minted bullion available direct

As a customer of NTR Metals, you have the ability to acquire NTR minted bullion direct from the mint. This allows you to avoid costly fees and markups associated with other distributed bullion products. NTR Metals bullion is available in 1 oz. silver bars, 10 oz. silver bars, 100 oz. silver bars, 1 oz. gold triangles and 1 kg. gold bars. To learn more about our bullion products, visit the minting section of our website or contact our bullion trading desk today. Learn more